Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Family on Burlap


I found this family tree wall over at For the Love of it awhile ago. I love it. I have always liked the old black and white photos of my family. Like this one of my Grandpa and Grandma taken in the 1940's.

So, when I found this frame at a local garage sale, I knew it would be perfect with burlap in it!!

I wanted to use the word "FAMILY" like Arlene did on her wall. If I find another cool frame, I will probably do "HERITAGE" also. Step 1 was to find a font and size that would fit in my frame. Step 2 was to print it out and then tape in the window. I had to print on a few sheets due to the size of my letters. I then cut them and taped them together on the window.

Step 3: Tape burlap to the window, making sure the letters shine through. I cut my burlap LARGER than my frame so I would have enough left to wrap around the back when it was time to frame it.

Step 4: Grab your sharpie and start tracing. Remove from the window. It should look like this... (Sorry, I can't seem to get my picture turned around today!!)

Arlene used paint to color in her letters. That was my plan too, but the Sharpie was working so well and I liked the color, so I kept coloring with the marker. It was a lot less messy!

There she is!! My glass broke when I was framing it...OOPS!! However, I kind of like that you can actually see and feel the burlap. Now, I just need to get it hung on the wall and surround it with my FAMILY!
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  1. That's awesome! I love how you get an idea and make it happen!

  2. i love what you done there!! something i am interested in having a go at myself! :)