Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Feature - Bella Casa

Today our Friday Feature is Bella Casa, an Italian Restaurant in McPherson. I remember when this first opened and everyone was buzzing about the new restaurant in town. I asked where it was located. "It's in the bowling alley", came the unexpected response! Yes, it is attached to the bowling alley!!!

When I think of an Italian Restaurant, I think of "fine dining." I don't know what you picture in your head, but this probably isn't the interior that comes to mind!

It doesn't take long to get past the fact that it's in a bowling alley AND the decor isn't "typical" when they bring you a basket of warm bread and a menu full of the most delicious sounding food. The bread is amazing!!! Seriously, I could down a whole basket as I'm reading through the menu choices!!

Here are the descriptions for a few of my favorites.
"Joe's Special" - Chicken sauteed with garlic, mushrooms and spinach cooked in a white wine cream sauce.
"Chicken Alfredo" - Fettuccini pasta sauteed in a homemade white , Alfredo sauce.
"Manicotti" - Pasta stuffed and rolled with ricotta cheese topped with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese. (That's it in the picture below.)

If you've been there, what's your favorite dish!?

There are so many wonderful menu items to choose from. My husband says you can't go wrong with the Lasagna (he orders it everytime!!). They also have "Daily Specials" that aren't on the regular menu. My Dad ate with us the other day and had a Steak and Shrimp Scampi combo. Just look at all those seasonings!!! And, yes, he thought it was weird that I took a picture of his food...welcome to the blogging world, Dad!!! ;)

This has become a favorite restaurant for many groups that stay at Maple Memories. They also have carry-out pizza. I haven't tried it, but the last time I was there people kept coming in and leaving with pizza boxes, so it must be pretty good!!

Bella Casa
900 West Kansas Ave
McPherson, KS 67460
(620)245-5104 * (620)245-5106
Catering Available
Business Hours:
Tues - Thurs 11AM - 9:30PM
Fri - Sat 11AM - 10PM
Sunday 11AM - 9PM

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  1. OH yeah!! we eat there EVERY time we come to maple memories!! i get the greek salad and mom gets joe's special!! NEVER been disappointed!! if you can get past the bowling alley "idea" (cuz you don't even KNOW you're in a bowling alley!) it's AWESOME!