Wednesday, June 10, 2009

2009 Trends in Scrapbooking

I stumbled across the following list of predicted scrapbooking trends for 2009 on What do you think!!? Have the predictions come true? What has your "trend" been this year!?

1. Small album projects will continue to be popular. They are time-limited, economical, incredibly satisfying—and they make super gifts.

2. Flock, fleece, and felt will go on adding interesting dimension and weight to pages. They provide great touch-ability and a down-to-earth feel as well.

3. Swirls and filigrees will make ongoing appearances in die-cuts, laser cuts, and inked images (stamped or hand-drawn). These fill the odd corner, direct the eye, and add a touch of sophistication. (Provide the perfect backdrop for flowers and gems, too.)

4. Doodling will rock on and on. Viva the scribble!

5. Hand-journaling will keep contributing a lovingly personal touch.

6. Interactive layouts will be given more attention, as paper engineering leads to a deeper level of involvement by the viewer and the creator both.

7. All things handmade will be hot, hot, hot. Nothing is perfect, but handmade is near enough to heaven for most of us.

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