Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Did you know that Walgreen's has Icee's for 39 cents!!??? Now you do.
Happy Hour - Monday and Friday from 2-4...at least in McPherson. Does your Walgreen's do this?

Perfect for days when your thermometer says this...

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  1. Hey Shannon -- We're actually not going to be in Mac this year for the triathon (it's this coming weekend, right?) We're actually headed up to you guys' old stomping ground -- Minnesota. Since our son isn't in school yet, we can do these late vacations....But, if you're interested in talking to Marc about shoes, send me an e-mail scfriesen at sbcglobal dot net....Or also, he's working at First Gear (the running store in Wichita) a couple of Saturdays a month, but I couldn't tell you which ones because it varies from month to month..That would be another good place to go and talk to him.