Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Photo Editing

I can be stubborn. Really. But, I am slowly learning to give in a little. Here's an example. I have ALWAYS loved photos. I would spend hours looking at the photo albums at my grandma's house. When I finally picked up a camera of my own, I was hooked. I don't know much about the "mechanics" of the camera or all the photography lingo...aperture, white balance, flash compensation!!??? I just like to take a good picture and consider myself to have a "good eye". I really don't know what I'm doing, but I like the majority of my pictures. I always felt like editing was "cheating". Did I mention I can be stubborn!? So, I put it off for a really long time...until I found picnik. Then I began to give into my stubbornness. I'm even thinking of taking a couple of classes to actually learn what all those words mean AND how to make the best of photo editing. What programs do you use to edit? Have you taken photography classes? Did you find them helpful?

This is where editing comes in handy. My cousin got married on Friday (and she was STUNNING!!). She was getting dressed in a room in the church basement...a Child's Nursery/Sunday School Room. I looked up to see her mother looking at her. I had to take the picture...it was just one of those moments that needed to be captured. But, a "good eye" couldn't get rid of the rainbow border and stars on the wall...


I told you she was stunning, didn't I!!!??

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  1. She is stunning and you are correct - photo editing is a wonderful thing. Picnik looks like a great service. There's also a photo editing service called Megafixels available online for more complicated projects or for commercial businesses that have numerous photos requiring editing on a consistent basis. You may visit the site at http://www.MegaFixels.com.