Thursday, May 27, 2010

Last Day of School

I am finding it hard to believe that another school year is coming to an end. At 11:30 today, I will pick up these 3 beautiful, sweet, perfectly mannered children for the start of Summer! This is why I prefer photographs over video...see you looked at the picture and you BELIEVED my words about how perfectly mannered they are with their hands nicely folded in their laps (BTW, I didn't tell them to do this!). If I would have had the video, you would have seen how my youngest tried to put her arm around her brother because she adores him. He wanted nothing to do with it and promptly told her so. She then began to cry. I put my camera away...thankful that the one picture I snapped was a good one!! ;)'s going to be a GREAT Summer, isn't it!? No, REALLY, I am excited...I think. ;)

An update on the Monogram Crayons that I blogged about. I finally got my done! The kids helped pick out paper and color schemes based on what they thought each teacher would like. I think Michelle must have used a bigger frame for hers. I used 8 x 10's and hers may be a true 12 x 12. I also chose to hot glue my crayons for the sake of time (I couldn't find my other glue!). It worked just fine. Here's the final result...

Thank you Mrs. Pacey, Mrs. Mulch, and Mrs. Porter for being such wonderful teachers!


  1. Those look GREAT Shannon!! I did use a 12x12 shaddow box frame. Made a smaller 8x8 for my daughter's teacher that turned out just as adorable! Wasn't it so much fun to create?!!

  2. Shannon-
    I can't believe how big they have gotten!! Oh my goodness!!! Have a great summer!