Saturday, April 17, 2010

Self Portrait

It's what everyone seems to be doing with their parties, weddings, sporting events, the carnival, at camp, just hanging out with friends. You know you've seen it, or even done it. People holding the camera out in front of them taking pictures of themselves. Sometimes it just of them. Sometimes with a friend...or two...or maybe 3...AND they still manage to get the background they wanted! I've seen these pictures and they always look so cute (of everyone else). I've tried it. I hate them of myself. All I see is a double chin, a big nose, goofy expressions. My face is cut off in weird places. I can't seem to figure it out. I think some people have truly mastered the art of taking pictures of themselves. They know just the right angle to hold the camera at. Just the right way to tilt their head. It's amazing to me!!! How do they do it!? I've taken lots of "self portraits" trying to figure out the big secret. Ones I wouldn't even show my closest friends. ;) Then yesterday, I DID IT!! I managed to get one that I actually like. The angle was right and the lighting. You don't see my camera or my arms stretching out in front of me.

Total accident. So, I still don't know the answer to the big secret. Anyone care to fill me in?

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