Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cute little bunny cupcakes.


Here's what you need to make these adorable Bunny Cupcakes (thanks, Kari, for giving me the idea)!! Cake Mix (we used white, but pick your favorite), frosting (again...we used white, but pink would be cute too!), pretzel sticks, pink sugar crystals, BIG and SMALL marshmallows, pink M&M's, mini chocolate chips. You could also sprinkle coconut flakes on them for fur. If your kids will let you. Mine didn't! HA!

Bake cupcakes. Let them cool and then frost. While they were cooling, we made the bunny ears. Take a large marshmallow and cut it in 1/2. This leaves you with 2 sticky sides that you dip into the pink sugar crystals. The shape they make when you cut them looks JUST like the inside of a rabbits ear!

Next, you stick a pretzel into the marshmallow so that you will have something to "attach" the ears with. I forgot to take a picture of this, so had to "remove" an ear from one of our bunnies for the next shot! It looks like one of my kids sucked on the pretzel, but I promise they did not (at least not that I saw!)!!!

Once you've frosted the cupcakes and made the ears, stick the ears into the cupcake. Add mini chocolate chips for eyes, an M&M for the nose, and 2 mini marshmallows for their cute little puffy cheeks! This is where you would sprinkle on the coconut if your kids will let you!

SO CUTE!!! And completely edible!! :)


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  1. Are you even kidding?! Those are the cutest things ever! What a great mom you are.