Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pinterest Party!

Have you heard of a Pinterest Party!!?? I think it is a FABULOUS idea and that Maple Memories would be the perfect place for one! ;) If you are just hearing about this, here is what happens:
Everyone who is invited will bring either of these or both:
1. Bring all of the supplies that you will need to create a project/DIY that you have "pinned" on Pinterest.
2. Make a food or drink from a Pinterest recipe that you have pinned (it can be an appetizer, meal, dessert, snack, drink, whatever).

Doesn't that sound fun!?? You can plan your whole stay at Maple Memories around it or maybe just a take a "pinterest time out" from your quilting/scrapbooking! I think I will be getting my friends together for one soon! So fun!

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