Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Reasons we LOVE you

My husband's Grandfather just turned 88. For his birthday, the kids made him a GIANT card filled with "88 reasons we LOVE Great Grandpa!!" It was fun to make and even more special to watch his reaction as he read them all. Some were sweet enough to make your heart melt ("Because he took me out for ice cream after my softball game was canceled so that I wouldn't feel sad."), while others made us laugh so hard ("Because he is old.")

"Because he gives great hugs."
"Because he comes to our soccer games."

"Because he is proud of us."
"Because he plays basketball in our driveway with us."

"Because he is flexible."
"Because he can do a headstand on top of a horse." (see picture that follows for proof!)

"Because he serves people at Thanksgiving."
"Because he delivers meals for Meals on Wheels."
"Because he takes good care of animals."
My favorite..."Because he loves us!"

I thought this idea might come in handy for Christmas...let someone know all the ways that you love them!!!

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