Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A walk down Memory Lane

Traditions. I love them. We started one with our kids involving Christmas ornaments. They get one each year that represents something they did during the year or a specific quality we have noticed. We make sure to write their name, the year, and what it represents on the back/bottom of each ornament.

For instance, my oldest has a LOVE of animals like I have never seen before...especially for our own yellow Lab. Both of these ornaments have been given to her to represent the pet she has grown up with and the absolute love she has for him.

This was given to my son the first year that he played soccer.

My youngest played Tball for the first time...yes, she's wearing a skirt and you have to admit she TOTALLY rocked it!! :) The back of this ornament says "Representing your first year of Tball", along with her name and year given.

My oldest daughter took a trip to Colorado for a family reunion. She got to ride in the RV with her Grandparents and Great Grandama to visit the original family homestead...back in the day when wagons ruled the road!

This just proves there is an ornament for everything. I mean REALLY...would YOU have bought this one!!!??

It was PERFECT to help us remember the year my son rode this float in the All School Days Parade.

What type of ornaments do you have on your tree? Any unique traditions revolving around them?

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  1. Marc and I have purchased ornaments from each vacation/trip/place we've taken/been....It's fun. So, we have ornaments from Hawaii, New York City, Minnesota, the Florida Keys, etc. etc. etc....