Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Feature - Steph Cooks PW!

My friend, Steph, has started a wonderful new blog called "Steph Cooks PW!" I have not ever picked up The Pioneer Woman cookbook (*GASP*), but those of you that share Stephs addiction (and I know there are LOTS of you out there) should check out her blog. She is inspiring me to want to try these recipes. She is the mom of 4 absolutely adorable children and she loves to cook. How do you do that!? My picky middle child has made me detest it, but Steph "critics" are making me laugh AND have me actually thinking about getting back into the kitchen!

She confesses: "I have an addiction...and it involves The Pioneer Woman! I love her and I love her recipes. I also love to hear from others who have tried them too. So feel free to check back often as I cook my way through her recipes. I cook for the 5 critics I live with, and they let me know what they think."

Steph has devised a "5 Star Rating System", each member of the family gives the recipe a frowny or a smiley face depending on what they thought about it. Here are 4 of her "critics", with her husband being the 5th.

Told you they were adorable! So, go check out Steph's blog and see what you can cook up for dinner! I've been craving PF Chang's lettuce wraps lately, and then what did I find when I pop over to visit Steph!!?? Mmmmm...and they got 5 stars!

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  1. Hey Girl... found you on Tip Junkies Blog! I Loved the Date book.. so cute! Glad to be a new follower!!! Woot Woot!