Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Swap Table

At Maple Memories, we have a "Swap Table" in the basement. It's a place for you to leave things you won't use anymore and/or pick up something that you can use. Our guests have been so generous by leaving stickers, paper, embellishments, ribbons, cutters, stamps, etc. I often notice a change in the "stuff" so I can tell people are taking and leaving! This makes me happy!!

I wanted to share this story with you. After one guest left, she contacted me to let me know how thankful she was for the table. Money was tight (her weekend was a gift), she had few supplies, and didn't know if she would be able to finish the album she was working on because she was running out of supplies. She was able to find some things from the table and kept on working. She was SO VERY GRATEFUL! Isn't that wonderful!!??

There are no rules for the table. You can leave or take anything. As much or little as you want. You can leave full sheets of stickers or a sheet with only one left. ANYTHING that you think someone else could use. Don't feel guilty for taking...someone wanted you to have it or it wouldn't be there.

Ok, with that said, I need to work on organizing it!!! Any suggestions!?

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