Monday, September 7, 2009

Home Office Makeover

Sarah, over at Thrifty Decor Chick, is having a Before and After Party!! I love looking at the projects that people are working on and are continually amazed by the transformations. Head on over to her blog and be prepared to be inspired!! Keep reading to see our addition to her party!!!

Here's our home office BEFORE picture.

My husband works from home and I was feeling guilty that he had to work under these conditions. When we moved, we spent all our time getting the kids' and their rooms settled that the adults were kind of neglected. His office became the room to throw all the stuff we weren't ready to deal with. So, one weekend when he went on a hunting trip, I enlisted the help of my Dad....24 hours later my husband's office went from THAT to THIS...

"Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life."

When my husband returned home, he was so surprised (we had kept the whole thing a secret)!!!


  1. I'm visiting from TDC. We are in the same situation. Moved a few months ago and husband's office became the dumping grounds. It's always at the end of the "to do" list of projects around the house. Seeing yours makes me want to get it done and make a more peaceful place for my sweet hubby. Great job!

  2. The after looks SO much better and I'm sure it feels better too! Good job. I love the orange wall color (love to see it on the shelf wall too! :-))

  3. That is one great before photo! What a great transformation, love the wall color. The room looks so functional and love the wall saying!