Wednesday, September 16, 2009


If you've ever met me, you know that I love Meg!!! She's full of the greatest ideas and has to be the coolest mom EVER!! She had this post about her Summer Fun List, so we decided to give it a try. I just let the kids shout out anything that came to mind. There was no right or wrong answers, nothing too big or too small. I DID tell them that we would try our best to do as many as we could, but NO PROMISES on EVERYTHING (ummm...Disney World!??).

Here's a sampling of our Summer! It became a quest to do everything (or ALMOST everything) on our list. Thank you Meg for helping us form some great Summer memories!! You guys should try this...REALLY!!

Geocaching....CHECK!!! This is a great family activity. It's a treasure hunt AND they are located all over the country, so you can do this on any family vacation or day outing or just because you have some time to kill.

Paint seashells...CHECK!! I know, the original list says "Paint Rocks", but we all agreed this counted!

Put flowers on someone's grave...CHECK!

Make Rainbow Cake...CHECK!! We made this on the first day of SUMMER to CELEBRATE!! Invited the neighbor kids over, ate outside, lots of laughs...may have started a tradition.

Visit Ducks...CHECK!! Run from them when they start attacking you...CHECK!!!

Catch a toad...CHECK!! I think I prefer this little guy...

Lemonade Stand...CHECK!!!


Kind of makes you wish it was Summer again, doesn't it!!??

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