Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Who are we!?

Due to the nature of Maple Memories we, the owners, don't often get to actually SEE the ladies that stay at the house. Most of the time, our correspondence is by email or phone. However, in some cases, we have met face to face and we LOVE that. It's fun to put a face to a name, get to know you a little bit, why you came, what you're working on, what your favorite color is...OK, you get the picture! What we have come to realize is that as interested as we are about YOU that YOU are just as curious about us.

So...WHO ARE "WE"!!??? Well, I'm Shannon. The one who scrapbooks. The one that found a great group of scrapbooking buddies that hooked me in even more. The one that fell in love with weekend retreats and all the laughs and good times that were had. The one that decided I wanted to open my own retreat house in KANSAS where my family lived so that YOU could have the same experience that I did. The one that gained support of 3 others that made up the "WE" that we are talking about...that would be my husband, Mom, and Dad.

So, here I am.

Now you have a face to a name. Here's a little bit about me. I grew up as a the daughter of two parents in the Air Force, so we moved around a lot. I think this is why I like scrapbooking and preserving memories so much. After you move around all the time, you start "forgetting" things or the places/people/events become jumbled. Scrapbooking helps me to get it all written down. I love writing the who, what, where, and the "behind the scenes" stories for my kids. Yep, kids. I am the Mom to 3 incredible children. They keep me BUSY, but also give me LOADS of great scrapbooking material! The oldest is 8, the middle is 6, and the youngest is 5. See, BUSY. REALLY busy. Hmmm...what else do you want to know? I love the Curry Chicken Salad Wrap at the Courtyard on Main in McPherson. I giggle the whole time that I'm tubing behind a boat, which makes it REALLY hard to hold on. I'm a thinker. I'm a night owl. I'm afraid of heights. I believe in God. I've never been able to do a cartwheel...never, not once in my whole life. I enjoy reading other people's blogs. I want to go to Maine someday. I get excited everytime I get a note from one of the guests at Maple Memories telling me what the weekend meant to them...THAT is what it is all about for me. I need to go feed my kids breakfast. Oh, and I don't have a favorite color. ;)

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  1. Green. Your favorite color should be green.
    Because it's mine. :)

    You are gorgeous!