Monday, July 11, 2011

Baby Shower/Adoption Celebration

Back in March, I shared this story with about a baby discovered on Facebook that instantly filled the hearts of so many.  Adoption is beautiful and we finally got to celebrate as it became "official"!!!  We threw a Baby Shower/Adoption Celebration for my friend and I wanted to share some of the decorations with you.

We held it at a church, so we knew we had a lot of browns to work with.  We went with a blue/brown/red/white color scheme (which was pretty easy to find around the 4th of July!).

I made onsies with his name spelled out (the fabric used for the letters became the common thread that pulled the color scheme all together).  We used twine as the "clothesline" and added baby socks for extra cuteness!

Made much lovelier by the generosity of friends and family!

We used more twine and decorated clothespins to hang pictures all over the room.  Again, with a few socks stuck in here and there.

The decorative clothespins are SUPER easy and just adds that "little extra" punch.  You can find the tutorial here.  I didn't make mine magnets like she did, but that's a cute idea too!


On the tables we used a white round tablecloth and then cut a large square of fabric (the same as the letters on the onsies) to place on top.  A white vase filled with 3 pinwheels and tied with a ribbon made for fun centerpieces.  I found the pinwheels here.

We had a "Blessings" station set up for each of the couples 3 kids.  Guests were to write a special note for their upcoming birthdays and adoption days (they were all adopted).  There was an envelope for 1st bday, 1st adoption day, 2nd birthday, 2nd adoption day, etc.

We put a note next to the blue bins that said, "Please choose a blank envelope and a blank card and share a special memory, a piece of advice, or simple well wishes to provide a blessing in the future."  One bin had the envelopes that we had already labeled, the next blank cards, and the third was for the completed cards in envelopes.  The parents will then be given all of these cards to give each of their kids on the corresponding bday/adoption day in the future.

Food, lots and lots of food...

The beautiful momma and of course the guest of honor!  Every time I turned around, he was in the arms of someone else...just as it should be!

I finally got my hands on him!!!  A beautiful day.  God is good.

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