Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This is the gift that I gave my husband for Christmas this year. I had spent time shopping in different stores and just couldn't find the right present. You know, that one thing that he REALLY wanted. On his list...a ladder (um...how am I going to hide THAT!?), hunting pants (now, THAT's exciting! HA!)...and then it hit me! He's always saying that he enjoys the time we have together...just the two of us. With 3 kids, jobs, a business, and other activities that time is sometimes hard to come by. When we DO have time alone, we often start in on some project that needs to get done because it's "so much easier and faster to get it done when the kids aren't around." Can you relate to that!?

So, I decided to give him "A Date a Month in 2010." I made the book out of chipboard and covered it with scrapbooking paper and stickers. Tied it together with jute. Keep in mind, this is for a man so I didn't need all the bling and fancy stuff. I kept it simple.

I went downtown to some of our favorite spots (the ones we never manage to get to) and a few NEW places that would be fun to try out. I bought gift cards or certificates for each place. 12 places total...one for each month. If they had one, I tried to pick up a business card from the business. It served as the "pocket" to hold the GC (see November's page above). I then attached them to each page, along with a little note.

He liked it! Really, he did! AND we are both looking forward to our "January Date"...breakfast at the the coffee shop!
In case you're interested, I did try to pick a variety of places AND times. Here are a few examples:
January - gift card to The Well. The note said, "Pick a morning. We'll drop the kids off at school and head to The Well for coffee and cinnamon rolls!"
March - 2 movie tickets. "MOVIE NIGHT (Popcorn's on me!)"
April - GC to Main Street Deli. "Block some time on your calendar and join me for lunch!"
May - GC to AutoZone. "Need some company while you're working on your car!? I'd love to join you for a good conversation and maybe to lend an extra hand." Note to readers: My husband has an old car he is working on in the garage. Your "date" doesn't have to be going out to dinner...be creative!
August - Chamber Check (these can be used at businesses that are part of the McPherson Chamber of Commerce). Used scrapbooking paper with a deck of cards as the background. "It's your lucky month. Pick a place and I'll join you...maybe over some BBQ!?

Creations by Kara


  1. Excellent Idea, Shannon :) I might have to use that sometime -- perhaps for Valentine's Day or Marc's birthday or something.

  2. Wow I love this. What a personal very thoughtful gift. And all the work, he must have been impressed.

  3. Shannon, I LOVE that idea. I am going to start gathering ideas NOW for next Christmas. Love it!

  4. I love this idea!!! I might try it for Valentine's Day if I can get my act together in time. ;)

  5. very cute idea - I came over from TJ

  6. I love this idea!! Saw it on TJ and now I have to do it!!


  7. Thanks for this cute idea, I found it on Tip Junkie. I wanted to somthing like this for my hubby for valentines day, but was not sure how to present it. You have totally inspired me!

  8. This is such a creative alternative to keep things exciting. I love it! I can't wait to get started! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I want to know what is on all the other pages!!!!!

  10. Saw this on TJ...absolutely love this idea! Thanks so much for sharing it! :)

  11. My guy HATES planning things (I love planning things, need things to look forward to) and is late every time we do anything, so I am not sure this would be a fab gift for him, but I absolutely love this. My crafty/scrapbooker side loves the idea of creating one.

    You could easily make one of these for someone you know moving to your city/neighborhood or to a different/new city, filled with gift cards to local popular places and tourist "must see" places. (Just thought of that as commenting! Whoo!). :D