Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We may not have it all together.

This was our Christmas card this year. I started out searching for the "perfect" photo to send out. You know. The one where we are all together in our matching outfits, not a hair out of place, everyone smiling and looking at the camera..."perfect". Here's the truth. We are not perfect and that picture doesn't exist. My pictures of the year consisted of kids in mud, holding frogs, painting projects, ice cream all over faces, fits being thrown, tearful faces, crazy mismatched outfits, silly faces...LOTS of silly faces!!

And do you know what!?? I wouldn't trade ANY of those pictures (or memories) for that ONE "perfect" family picture. Actually, I think this one is perfect...perfect for US!



  1. Shannon -- We just received your card in the mail today. We LOVED that photo. I completely appreciate the fact that you don't send out the perfect family photo. We don't either. In fact, we don't believe in the perfect family photo, because you know what -- none of us is perfect. Thanks!!!!