Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Scrapbooking Outside The Box

Many "traditional" scrapbookers seem to be getting discouraged by how far behind they feel with their scrapbooks. I must admit that I sometimes feel the same way, as I am trying to keep up with books for all 3 of my children. So, during my last weekend of scrapbooking with the girls, I decided to break away from my traditional scrapbooks and try making an altered project. I made a growth chart to give as a baby gift for a friend. I have to say that actually COMPLETING a project...start to finish...has rejuvenated my scrapbooking spirit!! If your feeling the same way, I encourage you to get out your scrapbooking supplies and find a different use for them!! I purchased my growth chart from a LSS, but I found it online here.

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